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February 18, 2012


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Another fascinating and incisive post. It demonstrates beautifully the folding of fashion onto its own history, a pleating together of historical moments. It also demonstrates what happens when everything is accessed through images, already mediated, rather than from primary research, another example being in the recent Tisci post. An honest acknowledgment of sources would not diminish the value of their beautifully crafted clothes, but rather enrich our sense of fashion as a vibrant cultural medium that is always throwing new light on its own heritage.
Frustratingly this tendency is often exacerbated by fashion journalists, (perhaps very young ones!) who seem to have little knowledge of either own field or of a broader visual culture.

Zentai Suit

That's what I love fashion, it's always changing and that is something that I like to witness. It's interesting to me how one thing goes to another thing. I appreciate the article, it's quite insightful.

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