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May 31, 2011


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ioana m.

it's something about this orange that turns europe up and down.. they had it in urkraine, i believe we had it first in romania..

for us it sounded a bit revolutionary, it was the first powerful rhetoric against the ex communist turned into social democrats and it was the first force based on a sort of real politicians (with aparently no communist background), not the intellectuals that failed in 96 - 00. i personally don't have much confidence in this shade associated with politics, it brought to us the same amount of corruption as it was before (though it came particullary because it fought against it) but so much more incapacity and a visible lack of political ability in dealing with internal and diplomatical matters.

in ukraine they called it the orange revolution, in romania had no name but is deeply associated with the president's figure.. i hope it will be way more different for you than it was for us.

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